“Honestly, an amazing event Tamsin. Really, really, really wish you had been there to experience the benefits your own hard work.  Your company is becoming a real social-economic powerhouse of great minds coming together for fabulous events and amazing connections. You are creating a powerful brand. Honestly. Amazing.” - Edward Wyckoff Williams — News Correspondent at MSNBC 

“Thank you for including Bombay in the event on Wednesday night.  It was the perfect partnership! The events certainly captured the ‘Spirit of Exploration’ messaging that the brand is looking to align with.”  - Cathy Shomer — Bombay Sapphire Brand Attaché

“Hello Tamsin, I had the BEST time and so did everyone I knew there. You are really gifted at what you do — thanks so much for the wonderful partnership on this! We look forward to working together more.”  - Degen Pener — Former Editor-in-Chief, Angeleno Magazine

“It was one of a kind. A class act. Just like you. One of my all-time favorites. Nights like last night are the great reason to dine together. It rekindles all that is deep within the bone and for that there simply are no words. Thank you for assembling such a great group, for your incredible oversight and for the twinkle you bring to our cities showplaces. They always sparkle a bit brighter once your flourish has been felt.”  -  Adam Nelson — CEO, Workhouse Publicity

” I am really happy you are in town and bringing some of this European charm and elegance with you.”   - Caroline Roman — Founder, Daily Truffle

“I wanted to say it was so pleasant working with you.  You are the most organized planner I have ever worked with. Thanks for a great night.”   - Danielle Bridie — William Grant Brands Account Manager, Momentum Worldwide